About Hypres

Our Mission & Values
Hypres (Industrial Supplies) Ltd, suppliers to trade and industry of industrial consumables. Our mission is to keep people safe at work and provide the right gear for the job! We pride ourselves in only supplying properly EN certified workwear and PPE from long established UK manufacturers. With us, you can trust that the yellow high visibility vest we have supplied you with has a genuine SATRA approved EN471 certificate.

What are Industrial Consumables?
In a nutshell, workwear, personal protective equipment (PPE) and tools. We are generally geared up to supply the heavy coatings, fireproofing and industrial painting sectors, but we also supply a wide variety of other products from paint rollers to garden mowers. We supply all sectors, from the self employed gardener to a variety of contracts from regional government and the MOD, and everyone in between.

If you need a product for your business that is not listed on our websites, chances are we can still supply it! So please drop us a line.

The Name, The History
Pronounced “hi press”, the name comes from a play-on-words from the origins of our company. Hypres was originally founded in 1970 by the late Bill Charlton to supply high pressure industrial washers and pneumatic equipment to heavy industries in the Tyne and Wear area. The nickname ‘hypres’ was given to us by some of our early customers, as it was a was less of a mouthful than ordering a ‘High Pressure Washer’. Customers would often simply ask for a ‘hypres washer’. From this, the name Hypres was born.

Who We Are
Hypres Industrial Services was founded as a family run business and is still family run. In 2004 Bill was joined by longtime friend Ron to form a new company, Hypres Industrial Supplies. They expanded Hypres’ capabilities and knowledge base, adding 1000’s of new lines and expanded our distribution reach, while remaining true to a family ethos.

What we can do for you?
We always supply the right gear for the job, We do not and will not supply ‘economy’ PPE from unknown overseas sources in a bid to make a quick buck. All of our suppliers are UK based and all of our PPE comes with genuine EN certification.

Your workforce is safe with us.

Where We Are Going
Hypres has come a long way since our beginning. As well as supplying PPE, workwear and tools, we have expanded into garment branding and printing, supplying corporate workwear and uniforms and designing and printing site signage and fleet vehicle livery.

2013 has also seen us expanding into providing IT and digital services for heavy industry. Allowing our customers to communicate effectively and efficiently, from the delivery of a small networked site office to the delivery of a complete private cloud network, allowing clients to share resources and communicate to their sites worldwide.

2014 saw the start of Hypres deploying a reseller network thought the UK, providing a complete suite of services for others to resell and distribute our products and services.

With more plans set for 2015, we are very excited at what the future holds for us and we hope you will join us on that journey.